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Earlier I asked for requests (basically).
lloyd-the-barista asked for Genis (my adorable bby)
datpyrolady asked for Riku.
@yadie-chan asked for nonon (I don’t watch kill La kill but her design is suuuuupppper cute)
incrediblenix asked for either Lightning or Harley Quinn. Chose Harley Quinn but gave up. Sorry. ;o;

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It’s really cool to think that Lloyd’s a “half-breed” in his own right. I mean, Kratos is Tethe’Allan, right? And Anna is from Sylvarant. Lloyd’s the only child in 4,000 years to come from a union of both worlds. I think that’s symbolic, story-wise, on why he’s the hero in a sense….

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So my step sister told this guy on Facebook about me and my art and we’ve been talking and he wants to commission me for his next tattoo.

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supersoggyburrito and i tried playing/recording the Sandman (by the same person who made the crooked man) and no matter what we did something kept messing up. like skype, the recording program ect.

we eventually gave up recording and continued to play by ourselves, but this little gem was luckily recorded. (tho came to find out later i managed to turn off the sound for me. good going me. so i added in my line)

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