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A boring 22 yr old who likes anime & cosplay. always on tumblr, crying over favorite shows & characters (art blog that occasionally reblogs anything related to the Tales of Series).You will come to realize, my blog is a mess, just like my life.

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i honestly keep thinking i only have one really nice anon who changes how they write to throw me off track

thank you anon(s) though truly, even if there is only one of you, or if there really are multiple i look forward to your anons

(of course i have a mini heart attack when i see that red notification because i always think that its some sort of hate even though i know the hate wont affect me)

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supersoggyburrito asked: Watch it punk >:T

 you’re the one who should watch it.

go watch it

whatever it is you want to watch

im sure its a good show

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Anonymous asked: Remember, you have multiple fans :D

exactly how you made me feel just now
FRIENDS friends who like to be sneaky hide anons ;u;/ ;o;/

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Anonymous asked: You'll never figure out who I am >:D

see, like i have a feeling who this is (or some of the other anons i get) but in fear of being wrong i never say who i think it could be ;u;

but since im still curious and if this is the right anon

is the coffee hot or cold?
(if its not even close ignore me lmao)

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lloyd-the-barista asked: Pffft you want the Z

of course i want the Z.

The Z is ultimate.

The Z is life.

(edit: i meant to answer this privately ffff)