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Anonymous asked: What the fuck, you autistic little shit? In what universe is it totally okay to upload drawings of a complete stranger, someone you have never met? It is seriously concerning that you are so interested in drawing Mary. You even have a video of the process of drawing her! Do you not see how weird that is? Get a life of your own.




awww thank you anon you’re so sweet of thinking of me! <3 even if it’s just for attention, and that you have a ”HATE EVERYONE WHO ACOMPLISHES MORE THAN ME” complex. :>


now, this is to humor me more than anything because there’s a slim chance you’ll read this (unless you’re so obsessive and want to hurt my poor lil feelins that you check every five seconds)

first off, my brother is autistic and its pretty pathetic that you’re trying to use that as an insult. autistic people are pretty awesome and smart. probably smarter than you so theres that.


secondly, the reason why I draw Mary so much? It’s because she’s GORGOUS. INSIDE AND OUT. I ADORE her. she’s fun to draw. I love her hair. I love her eyes. I love her curves. I LOVE DRAWING HER. I understand I draw her a lot. Most of the fanart of her is FROM ME. I all the time think i’m creepy because of that. but you know what, I also don’t fricking draw her being super sexy or “slutty”. And I DID do a video of my coloring my drawing of her. why? BECAUSE AS AN ARTIST, I LOVE SEEING OTHER ARTISTS’ PROCESSES. I love seeing how they color; how they shade. so I wanted to show how I color too. to show my process. and not just for other artists, there are people who just love watching art unfold in front of them. I’m honestly SUPER SURPRISED AT MY “Meeting a sharkmaid” video, because it has almost 900 views right now, and in the time span since it’s been up, that’s the FASTEST amount of (known)views I’ve ever received on ANYTHING. even if the music choice, the quality, and that godforsaken watermark, aren’t the best. i’m proud of that. and you cant take that away from me. also, what about those artists who draw fanart of celebrities? some draw them frickfracking. maybe some of it is creepy, and maybe some of it shouldn’t be drawn for moral reasons, but they aren’t hurting anyone are they?


thirdly, it’s true that I don’t “have a life”. i’m 22, jobless, not going to school, and living with my parents. Ultimately I’m not where I want to be in my life, and I will always regret some of the things I could’ve done better. I could’ve tried more. There was a point in my life that I absolutely hated who I was. I was lucky though. I had friends and family who supported me, even though I DID NOT deserve it. I kept going, only god knows why. And even though i’m no where closer to where I was a year ago to my life goals, i’m happy. I’m SO happy. because the truth is? I’m TRYING. maybe not as hard as I should, but I have pushed myself to my limit over and over again just to hear “no, we are looking at other candidates” Im pushing myself to further my art career. even if its only online as of now. I am a fanartist, even though I want my original art to be recognized. My dream is to improve so much that others are wowed by my work. I want to inspire younger artists.  
I’m pushing myself at everything I do now. Even If i’m still lazy.



HAVE YOU DONE YOUR RESEARCH???? Mary’s tumblr AND her yt channel are of MY DRAWINGS. SHE ASKED ME IF SHE COULD USE THEM. Mary in her AWA on Ken’s channel has said that I (and other wonderful beautiful LOVELY FANARTISTS who I love) am one of her favorite fanartists. also newsflash, MARY ISNT A STRANGER TO ME. WE TALK ON A DAILY BASIS. MAYBE MORE LIKE WEEKLY BE WE DO HAVE FREQUENT CONVERSATIONS. we’ve skyped.
 and shocker. half the time it’s not even about my drawings. we have normal friend conversations! crazy huh?

I’m lucky to have been able to become her friend. It’s the timing, if nothing else.
short story time. I’m a huge fan of ken (so much so that a lot of the fanart I’ve made are of him and I’ve even made a doll of him). I was crushed when I found out ken had a girlfriend. I was jealous. But I was happy he was happy. I found Mary’s blog early on, thanks to a fellow fanartist and friend, when ken did is AMA. Mary is someone who will TALK WITH EVERYONE. she’s the friendliest. I started talking with her, even though it was so daunting, because at the time all I thought was “I COULD GET A CHANCE TO MEET KEN”. I think all fans of anyone will have similar thoughts.
but then I actually somehow became friends with her. I still had a “fan” mentality but the more and more I talked with her, the less and less I became a fan. I’m still a big fan of ken’s, but in truth if I ever got the chance to meet them, most of that time i’d rather spend with Mary.

I’m also designing shark plushies for her channel sort of like mascots. I plan to make them all on my own and sell them to fans, (or whoever love sharks in general) the best part? it was her idea.
also. I’ve never once asked her to share my fanart to benefit me. She shares it all on her own and i’m so grateful to have met her and know her.

And anon. I’m truly sorry that you’re so hateful and jealous of others. But if I find out, for whatever reason, that you are the same anon that sent Mary those horrible messages…well. you’re a sadder human being than I thought.

and also…sorry for my delayed response. I was out with friends all weekend. Trying to find a life.

Using Autism as an insult is such a ridiculously disgusting thing to do. I have so many autistic friends, and I totally agree that they are in general smarter and nicer than the ‘normal’ kids.

Awesomeyuan is an amazingly kind, generous and thoughtful person. Not to mention the obvious talent she has as an artist. I fully 100% support her in her goals, and it is ridiculously flattering that she thinks highly enough of me to want to include me in the art she creates.

Fan artist are real artist. Their talents are not limited simply because of the content they draw. Whether that be art from movies, tv shows or even youtube, they deserve the credit and appreciation they receive.

Mya has a life. She has friends. She has support. What do you have, anon?

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Anonymous asked: Top 5 Favorite blogs?


I really don’t pay attention to individual blogs (i follow almost 600 people so it can be hard to keep up), but I do have fav people!

Awesomeyuan, poo in an alley way, doodlepie, themomenttolive etc just of the top of my head.

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supersoggyburrito asked: i'm not a soggy burrito! >:c

my super soggy burrito

the soggiest. the best of the soggy burritos.

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supersoggyburrito asked: I LOOOOOOOVE YOU owo




you know what


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thetinytaco asked: Agreed, that anon was being a little shit. You are talented and I love seeing you art~ I'm really happy that Mary is using your art, and it's great to know that she loves your art! Don't listen to that anon, and keep being you. I hope you have a great day yuan~

Thank you so so so much~! <3 I feel so special that she uses my art and supports me like she does.
and how others, like you, who support me too.
hate anons don’t affect me, unless theyre after someone else. people can be dumb.
but thank you~! I hope your day is going great too!

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kickdrums-and-bass asked: Hey! You do fanart right? May I ask what program(s) you use and what you'd recommend? :)

eheheh, I do~ I use Paint Tool SAI mainly. occasionally fireworks (which is similar to photoshop from what ive noticed) for when I want to add words/effects. I don’t know how to use photoshop, but Ive seen plenty great art and effects that I wish I could do in SAI. someday I will get photoshop and learn how to use it!! I kinda just blanked so I’m not sure quite what I should recommend to you. sorry~

Have a good day!